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Everything you need to add live video streaming.

LiveSwitch Cloud - the most flexible live video platform in your hands.

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Focus on what matters most - your business - not your live video infrastructure. Let us do the heaving lifting for you.

Reliability Guaranteed

Our uptime is guaranteed, so that your live video application can stay live, all the time.

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Easy to get started

Add video to your application in minutes. Our user dashboard, documentation, and examples can get you up and running fast. 

Call Analytics

Make informed decisions about your users' experiences by enabling real-time call analytics. We've got it all covered.

Truly Cross-Platform

Enjoy seamless interoperability across the widest range of platforms. We make it easy to add live video between all devices.


Let's get technical

True WebRTC 

Plug-in free live video streaming without any file downloads or installation delivers ultra low sub-second latency. 

Embedded TURN Server

Automatically spin up a TURN server to handle complex NAT Traversal.

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Hybrid Connections 

Seamlessly switch between P2P, SFU and MCU connections within a single conference for optimal performance.


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Media Pipeline Access

Gain unprecedented API access to the media pipeline (eg. capture, encode, packetize, send, receive, depacketize, decode, display) so that you can create powerful applications.
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Integrate with any audio/video source

Capture audio or video streams from any device into your application.

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Flexible Webhooks

Monitor and intercept messages at any part of the eventing system with flexible webhooks.

Data channel broadcast

Broadcast data in multi-party conferences without using additional bandwidth - an industry first!


Achieve full compliance with TURN-S, TCP, DTLS and JSON Web Token based authentication.

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Intelligent codec selection for transcoding media into compatible formats so that all devices on all platforms can work together.

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Simultaneously send different qualities (bitrate, frame rate, resolution) of the same media based on the end-users' bandwidth.

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Bandwidth Adaptation

Automatically adjust each user's bitrate to provide the best quality user experience for each participant. 

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Gain administrative control over the back end of your conferences with our powerful REST APIs.

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