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Customer Testimonial (IceLink/WebSync)

by Anton Venema, on August 11, 2013

A testimonial from one of our customers who recently developed an application using IceLink and WebSync:

The FM libraries have been an extraordinary help to the app I'm working on. Honestly, it would have been practically impossible or time-prohibitive without using FM.

Currently, everything is working like a charm, 100% as advertised for my needs, scenarios, & use cases. The 2.3.1 IceLink "touch-ups" have also really simplified the implementation. There is a pinch more code, but the process flow is much easier to understand and work against.

My current configuration:
Azure web role for my WCF services (and all of the WebSync support)
GoDaddy Virtual Private Server for the IceLink server - this is wrapped in a Windows service, runs without a problem and memory usage stays below 100MB (no bleeding, running for weeks, very solid).

Also, the GoDaddy asset is a lower-end (cheap) virtual machine: the required overhead to run IceLink (properly) is incredibly low and very simple.

Thanks for the kind words!


Anton Venema

As Frozen Mountain’s CTO, Anton is one of the world’s foremost experts on RTC solutions, as well as the technical visionary and prime architect of our products, LiveSwitch Cloud and LiveSwitch Server. Anton is responsible for ensuring that Frozen Mountain’s products exceed the needs of today and predict the needs of tomorrow.