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WebSockets and WebSync 4

by Anton Venema, on June 22, 2012

As you probably know, WebSync 4 has full support for WebSockets. Not just any WebSockets, either - port 80 WebSockets using IIS!

Over the past year or so, several projects have cropped up attempting to allow you to use WebSockets before the standard was solidified and before Microsoft implemented support for the protocol in IIS. There are two key failures in each of these projects.

  1. They require you to run the server outside IIS, which means you lose out on all the stability, performance, and maintainability that IIS delivers.
  2. They require you to run the server on a non-standard HTTP port if you want to keep IIS running on your server for other requests.

Thankfully, WebSockets in WebSync are not subject to these limitations! Simply add a reference to FM.WebSync.WebSockets.dll and invoke WebSyncWebSockets.Enable() in your application startup code. No changes to your architecture, no external services, and it's all over standard HTTP ports (80 and 443).

In order to get WebSocket goodness, you'll need to be running IIS 8 and .NET 4.5, which means you'll need Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8. Detailed instructions on getting started can be found in our online documentation.

WebSync 4: Enabling WebSockets
WebSync 4: System Requirements

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Anton Venema

As Frozen Mountain’s CTO, Anton is one of the world’s foremost experts on RTC solutions, as well as the technical visionary and prime architect of our products, LiveSwitch Cloud and LiveSwitch Server. Anton is responsible for ensuring that Frozen Mountain’s products exceed the needs of today and predict the needs of tomorrow.