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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud

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by Michelle Chen, on September 02, 2020

Lauded as "offices of the future,” collaborative XR has continued to be an attractive, elegant solution to many complex organizational challenges, such as information retention, employee training, sales of complex …

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Topics:Case StudiesVirtual Reality

by Michelle Chen, on August 26, 2020

It is truly an exciting time for WebRTC developers, especially given the rapid adoption of extended reality (XR) collaboration platforms by Fortune 500 companies. Extended reality, the umbrella term encompassing …

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Topics:Virtual RealityAugmented Reality

by Chelsea Job, on August 13, 2020

End-to-end (E2E) encryption is a bit of a buzzword these days. Everyone wants it and every company is jumping into the ring to claim that they have it. It makes …

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by Michelle Chen, on July 10, 2020

Looking for the LiveSwitch Cloud update summary? Go here. In these unprecedented times, many organizations are scrambling to find better ways to operate remotely and must develop video conferencing apps …

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Topics:LiveSwitchVideo Conferencing

by Michelle Chen, on June 04, 2020

Update: LiveSwitch 1.9.0. is here! Take a look at the benefits of adaptive simulcast here. Looking for the LiveSwitch Cloud summary? Go here. In these unprecedented times, many organizations are …

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by Chelsea Job, on June 01, 2020

Teleworking is a hot topic these days and an increasingly strategic consideration for all progressively-minded companies. For organizations in search of a customizable video conferencing solution, we’ve always believed that …

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by Michelle Chen, on March 12, 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, entire cities and countries have been placed under quarantines, restricting their citizens' travel within their countries and abroad. While the response to COVID-19 has been …

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Topics:Remote WorkApplication Development

by Tim Steeves, on February 14, 2020

Recently the Google Chrome team took a swift step forward towards deprecation of support for DTLS 1.0 - a secure communications protocol designed to allow applications to securely pass data …

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by Greg Batenburg, on February 05, 2020

As the digital transformation of banking continues, customers in this sector are naturally becoming more comfortable using live video conferencing platforms (Deloitte, 2018). A client of ours, a Nordic bank …

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Topics:Case Studies

by Greg Batenburg, on December 18, 2019

Building a specialized telehealth application with video streaming capabilities can be time-consuming and cost-intensive. The last thing any telehealth developer wants to deliver a sub-par streaming experience to their users …

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Topics:Case StudiesTelehealth

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