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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud

Go deeper with video AI integrations and analytics.

Real-time face recognition, object detection, sentiment analysis, gaze tracking, keyword detection, and live translation capabilities have never been more possible. We'll build it for you.

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WebRTC Video Platform with AI Capabilities

Be enlightened. 

Live video AI for any use case, at any scale. Enhance your WebRTC application with video streaming AI.

Face Recognition Icon

Recognize Users

Recognize your users with best-in-class facial recognition AI. Our Professional Services team can implement this for you.

Sentiment Analysis Icon

Understand Intent

Understand how your users' are responding to your live video stream. Let sentiment analysis AI augment your user engagement strategy. 

Object Detection Icon

Detect Objects

Integrate object detection AI into your live video application. Enable cheating detection capabilities, and more.

Blur Backgrounds Icon

Blur Backgrounds

Leverage video AI to automatically blur participant backgrounds to ensure privacy.

Anonymize Faces Icon

Anonymize Faces

Address privacy concerns with video AI capabilities that blur faces during streams.

Verify Participants Icon

Verify Identities

Establish participant integrity with intelligent face recognition AI. Ensure participants are who they say they are at all times.

Recognize Speech Patterns Icon

Recognize Speech Patterns

Enable speech recognition AI. Leverage our Professional Services team to deploy speech pattern recognition artificial intelligence in your WebRTC application.


Live Translation AI Icon

Translate Live

Bridge language barriers and communicate with audiences from all over the world.

Track Attentiveness Icon

Track Attentiveness

Understand how your users are responding to you in real-time and tailor your feed to engage your users better. 

Gaze Tracking Icon

See What Your Users See

Implement gaze tracking capabilities into your platform to understand what grabs your user's attention.


Motion Detection Icon

Detect Motion

Add motion detection AI to your live video. Get alerts when your audience moves and react in real-time.

Keyword Detection Icon

Detect Keywords

Intercept real-time messages and let your AI pick out set keywords on your live video streaming platform. 

Dig deeper with live video AI analytics. 

Reduce cognitive workloads with video artificial intelligence. Gain insights from complex data in real-time.

Real Time Video AI for Intelligent Live Streaming

Real-Time Video Intelligence

Leverage the live video expertise of our Professional Services team to add enterprise-grade AI to your WebRTC application.

Deeper Video Streaming Insights with AI

Deeper Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Let live video AI do the hard work and make real-time data-driven decisions that can change the game. We can build it for you.

Driving User Engagement with AI Data

Refined Audience Interactions

Let data power your live video application and drive audience engagement strategies. Do it all with help from our Professional Services team.

Customized dashboards and reporting. All in one place.

Empower your team to make smarter, real-time data-driven decisions all in one place. We can build the dashboard you've dreamed of having.

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Custom Dashboards for AI and Analytics

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Leave the live video AI integrations to our team. As WebRTC specialists, we've developed elegant solutions for 400+ clients worldwide. 

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We're experts in developing WebRTC-based live video applications. We take care of the tough stuff so you can focus on building great user experiences.


As WebRTC-based live video developers, we're already versed in developing live video apps across all platforms, browsers, and devices. 

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With over 400+ clients worldwide, we understand your vertical needs, and have built and deployed countless of projects in your vertical.

Dynamic Teams

Whether you need a project manager, systems architect, developer, or a full team, we have the right solution for you.


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