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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Build awesome apps with flexible voice and video.

Stretch the limits of what you thought possible with advanced WebRTC-based video, audio and data streaming capabilities. 

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Build Apps With Flexible Video and Voice Chat Software

Powerful API

Develop applications for the devices of your choice with LiveSwitch's highly flexible API.  Learn it once on one platform and then easily add it to others - Get to production on every platform faster than ever.

Develop Software Application on All Devices With Flexible Video Software

Hybrid Architecture

Add high-quality, cost optimized video to your applications. 

LiveSwitch has a unique hybrid architecture that seamlessly switches between peer-to-peer, selective forwarding (SFU) and mixed (MCU) topologies to create the best experience for your users while minimizing your operating expenses. 

Hybrid Architecture Providing High Quality Video Streaming

Full access to the media pipeline.

Customize your application in ways you never thought possible.

LiveSwitch allows full API access to the media pipeline so that you can capture and augment audio/video in unique ways and add features that delight your customers.

Customize Your Application With LiveSwitch API

Seriously Cross Platform.

Frozen Mountain provides full support for the widest range of platforms so that you can build a seamless user experience across your applications - both now and in future. 

LiveSwitch Cross Platform Works With All Devices

Need a product to get you there faster?

Discover how Frozen Mountain's LiveSwitch can accelerate your development cycle.

Do more with video.

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Video Conferencing

Add video conferences of all sizes to your application.

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Design your apps to record and store any combination of streams - single or mixed/composed.

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Telephony Integration 

Integrate your existing phone systems into WebRTC-based video conferences - without plug-ins.

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Text Chat

 Add in-app chat messaging and engage users right where they are.

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Screen Sharing

Share your screen to add context to conversations.  

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White Boarding 

Work together to annotate shared documents with white boarding.

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File Transfer

Transfer files easily to anyone in the conversation. 


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Embed Into Devices

Embed our SDKs on your devices or hardware to transmit video, audio and data.  It's more than just mobile devices and PCs - (but is does those too)

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Go Bigger

Build apps that can broadcast live events to audiences of virtually any size - with the low latency of WebRTC.  

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“Frozen Mountain's products provide ease of use similar to a PaaS offering, but with the flexibility you can only get with SDKs. Combined, they’re the best of both worlds for creating custom RTC application solutions for our clients.”

Lantre Barr
Founder & CEO, Blacc Spot Media

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